Business Opportunities

RFP/RFQ/ITB Number Date Posted Title PDFs Closing Date
RFP No. 2023-0047/THORVALDSDOTTIR SEALED BIDS - Provision of Versity ScoutFS licenses, configuration, installation, training and support services Clarifications #1 , RFP No. 2023-0047/THORVALDSDOTTIR
RFP No. 2023-0065/JIBRIL SEALED BIDS - Provision of Microsoft 365 support (LOT1) and consulting services to build a modern Intranet portal on SharePoint Online (LOT2) Request for Proposal
ITB No. 2023-0066/JIBRIL SEALED BIDS - IT Racks and Power Distribution Units INVITATION TO BID
RFQ No. 2023-0069/BOVE Review of Configuration Management Plan, Process, and Related Documents REQUEST FOR QUOTATION
ITB No. 2023-0032-APYLOV - RE-BID RE-BID - Station all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for snowy and swampy environment for IMS station IS43, Dubna, the Russian Federation INVITATION TO BID
RFP No. 2023-0070/JIBRIL Provision of Veeam subscription licenses for Microsoft 365, support services for Veeam Backup and Replication REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
ITB No. 2023-0073/JIBRIL SEALED BIDS - Renewal of the CTBTO Matlab licenses for one (1) year and with the three (3) years optional extensions, as per attached Specifications INVITATION TO BID , PRICE SCHEDULE FORM