Business Opportunities

RFP/RFQ/ITB Number Date Posted Title PDFs Closing Date
RFP No. 2024-0016/SANZ Provision of site modification,equipment handling, security and facility support services for OSI Build-Up Exercise 2024 RFP NO. 2024-0016/SANZ , Clarifications #1 and Meeting minutes to Request for Proposal No. 2024-0016/SANZ
ITB No. 2024-0018/JIBRIL MAINTENANCE SUPPORT FOR CHECKPOINT ENVIRONMENT AS PER ATTACHED SPECIFICATIONS ITB No. 2024-0018/JIBRIL , Clarifications #1 to ITB No. 2024-0018/JIBRIL , Extension of Deadline Letter for ITB No. 2022-0018/JIBRIL
RFQ No. 2024-0034/RAHMAN Supply and Delivery of On-Site Diesel Quality Tester RFQ No. 2024-0034/RAHMAN
RFQ No. 2024-0022/THORVALDSDOTTIR Ambulance Services for OSI Build-Up Exercise 16 June - 06 July 2024 RE-OPENED RE-OPENED RFQ No. 2024-0022/THORVALDSDOTTIR
RFP No. 2024-0037/APYLOV Design, Upgrade of Infrastructure and Support Services for IMS Primary Seismic Station PS34, Norilsk, the Russian Federation RFP No. 2024-0037/APYLOV , Addendum to RFP No. 2024-0037/APYLOV
RFP No. 2024-0035/RAHMAN Software Engineering Services for a Station Operator Portal (SO-PORTAL) on a Call-off Basis RFP No. 2024-0035/RAHMAN , Clarifications #1 to RFP No. 2024-0035/RAHMAN
RFQ No. 2024-0042/THORVALDSDOTTIR LTE Sector Antennas and Accessories for OSI Data Transmission System RFQ No. 2024-0042/THORVALDSDOTTIR
RFQ No. 2024-0041/THORVALDSDOTTIR Video Production Services for 2024 OSI E-Learning (3 Modules) RFQ No. 2024-0041/THORVALDSDOTTIR
RFP No. 2024-0015/SANZ Provision of Event Management Services for OSI Build-Up Exercise 2024 RFP No. 2024-0015/SANZ
RFQ No. 2024-0027/THORVALDSDOTTIR Supply of Remote Radio Units for Data Transmission System for OSI RE-OPENED RFQ No. 2024-0027/THORVALDSDOTTIR RE-OPENED